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Walking Tours in Lagos

Town Waterfront

We really enjoy the diversity of this walk into the charming town waterfront. You will also find that it is one of the longer walking tours, giving a great early morning workout. So don't forget to set that alarm!

wt4b_pic4Your journey will take you past the unique roundabouts, by a tiny beach cove, up to the hill top view of Meia Praia beach and down past the historic monuments that grace the waterfront as you approach the town front.

wt4b_pic8At the top of the hill towards town, take a small detour when you see a sign for "Praia do Pinhão" and you will be so impressed with this little jewel of a beach. As you make your way down the hill into town, a beautiful marble boardwalk lines the waterway. You also pass the old city walls with are lined with elegant palm trees and another archway into the historic town. Continue down the boardwalk which takes you to the other end of town.

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At the edge of town and towards the end of the boardwalk, take the pedestrian bridge across the waterway to see the fishing boats and yachts, and don't forget to stop at one of the cafés for a coffee or a cocktail! You will be amazed by the modern affluence of the marina on your left and the contrasting bustling activity of the old fishing docks to the right.


wt4b_pic7One morning we lingered at the fishing docks watching the colourful boats come in and taking in the intense action as the fisherman sorted their fish are called out orders to each other. It was a highlight of the day!



: We have created some great maps to assist you with navigating to and around your walking tour. Choose your preferred route and closely follow the highlighted area for Walking Tour 4, to make the most of your walk.

: Get a printable map for this walking tour here.

Walking Tour time from Dona Ana (DA) Apartment: 70 min.
Walking Tour time from Apartment at Vilabranca (VB): 90 min.

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