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Walking Tours in Lagos

The Old City

wt3_pic2The old city of Lagos is surrounded by a historic stone wall. A fun way to experience the old city is to enter from the back of town, through an arched entry hole in the wall. From there you can wander around the winding narrow back streets and check out the old architecture and some very very nice shops. For a tiny town, I am so wt3_pic2very impressed with the unique items that each little boutique offers. Many of the old street walls are draped with shocks of the vibrant colour of bougainvillea. Look out for the shelter of the mini sidewalks, as cars suddenly race past you. Get ready to jump!


wt3_pic5wt3_pic8Don't be afraid to get lost as your roam. You may take a wrong turn which just makes for an adventure in this quaint town. You will discover a cultural blend of the old and the new, from the terracotta flower pots lining the doorway of a local's apartment to the modern offering's of some shop keepers to the traditional Portuguese crafts.

wt3_pic4Tiny connector alley ways expose you to the historic architecture as you gaze up and admire the intricate wrought iron balconies, the graceful appliqué of azulejos (tiles) on buildings and much more. Notice the traditional marble pedestrian streets and plazas with their embedded signature designs.


wt3_pic1Stop for a pastry and a "bica pingada" (tiny coffee with a drop of milk) and continue on with your journey. Lagos is a small town and from our experience, wandering around is half the fun in discovering something new.

: We have created some great maps to assist you with navigating to and around your walking tour. Choose your preferred route and closely follow the highlighted area for Walking Tour 3, to make the most of your walk.

: Get a printable map for this walking tour here.

: Get a printable map of the old historic town of Lagos to navigate around the maze of streets, Town of Lagos-Inside Wall Map, here.

Walking Tour time from Dona Ana (DA) Apartment: 30-60 min.
Walking Tour time from Apartment at Vilabranca (VB): 30-60 min.

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