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Walking Tours in Lagos

Praia Porto de Mõs

Our favourite walking tour takes you on a scenic stroll along the cliffs that surround Praia (beach) Porto de Mõs.

This brisk walk culminates down the hill at Praia Porto do Mos. From the cliffs at Porto do Mos, you will enjoy a great view of the Lagos coast. Villa Esmeralda and it's prized cliff-side setting embellish the shoreline which slopes down to a great little beach-side restaurant "Campimar", at the entrance of Porto do Mos. Campimar's rustic wood ambiance is one of our favorite beach settings and a great place on both a wt1_pic9sunny or rainy day with it's sheltered and outdoor seating. One stormy evening, we sat inside and watched the fierce waves thundering up close to our table. We felt rather comforted as we enjoyed our flavourful glasses of vintage port.

wt1_pic11The cliffs at Porto do Mos are a great place to extend your walk in a natural surrounding, where many picturesque surprises await you. Notice the low lying multitude of vibrant flora along your path. This floral array varies with each season. You will need to be extremely cautious to avoid coming too close to the quickly eroding coastline. Be smart and enjoy this adventure!

Up along the cliffs, I have my favourite little low lying flat rock. This is a sacred spot where I can sit for endless amounts of time, in the peace and serenity of the Lagos coastline with only the sounds of the waves crashing and the occasional bird. This highlight offers an opportunity to reflect on my day, my holiday, or my life in general. If the tide is out, you can watch the fisherman combing the rocks in search of something (not sure exactly what)! These cliffs provide a natural path that can take you all the way to Praia da Luz, if you are really in for a long day's walk.

So, I must admit, we did not make it up for our early wt1_pic8morning walk on one rainy day, but the weather cleared up and we took this same route at sunset. What a surprise it was to come across this spectacular view from the cliffs looking towards Praia da Luz. Simply Breathtaking!

The Route to Luz: If you do feel extremely energetic, plan for a full 2 hour hike to get to Luz "one way". You can enjoy lunch in Luz and then take a cab back to Lagos, unless of course you are up for yet another 2 hour hike.

: We have created some great maps to assist you with navigating to and around your walking tour. Choose your preferred route and closely follow the highlighted area for Walking Tour 1, to make the most of your walk.

: Get a printable map for this walking tour here.

Walking Tour time from Dona Ana (DA) Apartment: 30-50 min.
Walking Tour time from Apartment at Vilabranca (VB): 30-40 min.

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